Real Estate

Most real estate transactions are confusing and often overwhelming. Several documents are difficult to understand and often require some understanding of real estate law. Whether you are renting your first apartment, buying or selling a home or refinancing your current mortgage, consulting a real estate attorney before you sign on the dotted line can give you peace of mind. Furthermore, if you ever find yourself the subject of a real estate dispute, it is always in your best interest to consult an experienced real estate attorney to ensure your rights and financial obligations are protected both now and in the future.

At Purnell, McKennett & Menke, we have experienced real estate professionals that can provide you with the answers to your real estate questions regarding a vast array of residential and commercial transactions. We routinely represent clients concerning:


Draft/review contracts, review agent agreements, draft/review leases agreements.


Draft/review contracts, draft/review lease agreements, negotiate disputes and act as settlement agent


Advise on rights of each party, represent landlord in evictions, and represent tenants in disputes


Obtaining variances settle easement disputes and settle boundary line disputes